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The delicate and floral scented conditioner bar cares for and nourishes dry and damaged hair with every use.


Shine component castor

The high-dose castor extract brings wonderful shine and volume to the hair and makes it silky soft without it flying.


Natural conditioner for all hair types
Whether dyed, natural or bleached hair, the conditioner bar can be used on all hair colors and hair types.


Depending on the amount used and the length of the hair, one conditioner bar is sufficient for up to 50 applications.



Brush the conditioner bar over washed hair several times and leave it on for at least 2 minutes, then rinse well.

Showpiece Conditioner Bar

VAT Included
  • keratin - Vegetable keratin improves hair elasticity and prevents split ends.

    Squalane -Protects the hair from drying out, prevents brittle, brittle and split ends, shine booster.

    BTMS -a plant-based emulsifier with antistatic effect, improves wet and dry combability, gives the hair shine and grip.

    Silk protein -Gives the hair a lot of shine, has good anti-frizz properties and ensures a silky-soft hair feeling.

    Vitamin E -promotes stimulation of microcirculation on the scalp and around the hair shaft for improved hair growth.

    Castor bean - Highly concentrated castor oil extract makes the hair shine and shine.

    45g fresh weight


  • For hygiene reasons, we do not refund unpacked goods.

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