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The spicy, fragrant shampoo bar cleanses, soothes and regenerates - with beech wood ash and Sel des Alpes - the flaky and stressed scalp with every use.


Shine maker

The valuable active ingredients bring shine and volume to the hair and make the hair beautiful ;) 


Natural hair shampoo for all hair types
Whether dyed, natural or bleached hair, the Shampoo Bar can be used on all hair colors and hair types.


Depending on the amount used and the length of the hair, it can last up to 60 applications


You need to wash your hair much less often
All of our shampoo bars contain natural clay, which prevents the hair from becoming greasy and gently washes the scalp. The hair doesn't have to be washed nearly as often as with conventional, industrial shampoos.


2 in 1
Our Shampoo Bar is also a conditioner. By adding nourishing cocoa butter, you can usually avoid using conditioner.



Brush the shampoo bar over wet hair several times and wash as usual, then rinse until it squeaks.

Detox shampoo bar

VAT Included
  • Active ingredients
    Squalane -Protects the hair from drying out, prevents brittle, brittle and split ends, shine booster.

    Maca extract - prevents hair loss and makes hair more durable and thicker in the long term.

    Stinging nettle hydrosolThe high proportion of minerals and vitamins nourishes and strengthens both hair and hair roots.

    Aloe Vera 1:10Antioxidants strengthen the hair structure and revitalize it. The calming and balancing effect helps dry scalps that are prone to dandruff.

    Clay black cleanses the sensitive scalp, removes sebum and dirt, makes the hair soft and light. 

    Charcoal flour made from beech wood ash (CI 77268) – gives a small peeling effect.

    glycerin – brings moisture, stimulates itStimulates hair growth and makes combing easier.

    Sel des Alpes – anti-inflammatory for irritated skin, allows reddened skin to subside gently.

    Broccoli seed oilacts as a natural silicone replacement, smoothes the hair without weighing it down. The hair immediately becomes supple and easier to comb. Split ends and flyaway hair are reduced.

    Cocoa butter -an intensively nourishing active ingredient that penetrates deep into the hair structure and nourishes it. The Rich fat gives the hair shine and rebuilds cracked, dry scalp. 

    Essential oils
    stimulating blood circulation, antiseptic, refreshing.

    Tea tree oil 
    antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial for skin blemishes and eczema.

    Lavender oil
    calming, empoweringbrittle and split hair soft and supple.

    Rosemary oil 
    revitalizes and strengthens the hair and scalp, works against hair loss, reduces sebum production. 

    75g fresh weight

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