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Solid hand cream with a subtle lavender/rosemary/sage scent
Handy Dandys are scented care sticks in environmentally friendly packaging. A personal flatterer that pampers dry hands, fingernails and elbows several times a day.
Handy Dandys nourish thirsty skin without being sticky.


Argan oil
Protects the skin as a valuable moisturizer and counteracts drying out. The valuable care oil forms a protective film over the skin and gives it elasticity. When used regularly, dry areas of skin become tender and soft, thereby alleviating unpleasant feelings of tension, which are often accompanied by itching and, in extreme cases, can even cause the skin to crack.

Grapeseed oil
has a high antioxidant effect, revitalizes and protects the skin. Prevents the aging process, protects the skin from UV radiation and has an effective anti-aging effect.

is particularly skin-protecting, moisturizing and can relieve skin problems in the long term. Natural skin protection with vitamin A has an antibacterial effect and stimulates cell regeneration.

Cocoa butter
The high fat content of plant butter is the ideal care ingredient fordry and stressed skin. Helps with small skin tears and ensures velvety soft hands.

Vitamin E
Tocopherol is able to provide long-lasting moisture to the stratum corneum and serves to regenerate the skin's protective barrier. Vitamin E also promotes the formation of new cells in the skin.


Without preservative substances


Sustainable raw materials
All of our plant butters, fats and waxes come from certified, controlled and sustainable cultivation.


Handy Dandys are 2 in 1 products and therefore protect the environment and your wallet.
Natural hand care & Hair wax.


Application hand care
Depending on your needs, rub the pen several times over the backs of both hands or dry areas of skin and rub in with pleasure.


Application hair care
Handy Dandys also work as a light hair wax, rub a small amount in your hands and work it into your hair until the hairstyle sits.


48g fresh weight


Rumpelstilzli Handy Dandy

VAT Included
  • Argan oil

    Cocoa butter

    Grapeseed oil


    Essential oils


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