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Body Melt

The spicy-sweet & tart-fresh youftende Body Melt is a solid body butter that melts quickly and is quickly absorbed. A wonderfully scented natural product that leaves the skin feeling soft.


Application skin care
After showering, apply the Body Melt to your dry, warm skin and spread the body butter over a large area. Alternatively, you can rub the body melt on your hand and apply to the desired area.

Use "Leave in" as hair care
You can also use Body Melts as a nourishing “leave in” for dry and damaged hair by working a small amount into the wet or dry ends of your hair.


personal hygiene

For dry, cracked and stressed skin, nourishes and protects with every use.
Without preservatives | plastic | Microplastics

Sustainable raw materials
All of our plant butters, fats and waxes come from certified, controlled and sustainable cultivation.

Torso Body Melt

VAT Included
  • Mango butter
    It has a moisturizing and moisturizing effect and helps your skin regenerate.

    almond oil
    It provides your skin with plenty of moisture, penetrates deeply and protects against UV rays. A gentle care oil that absorbs quickly and ensures a great glow.

    The busy bees provide lots of vitamin A with their valuable natural product, a true magic formula for your skin. Vitamin A stimulates cell regeneration and has an antibacterial effect.

    Cocoa butter
    The high fat content of plant butter is the ideal care ingredient for dry and stressed epidermis. It prevents small skin tears and ensures velvety soft hands.

    Vitamin E
    Natural tocopherol provides long-lasting moisture to the stratum corneum and regenerates the skin's protective barrier.


    48g fresh weight

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